The Ultimate Guide to Constant Contact Integrations (2023)

The Ultimate Guide to Constant Contact Integrations (1)

Digital marketing offers your business a lot of opportunities to reach out to your customers or prospects, keeping them engaged and wanting more.

However, you can’t be sure that your Facebook or Google ad will be seen by everyone you want, or that your promoted post will reach exactly the kind of audience you want. You can try your best to rank well in Google search results, but at the end of the day, Google controls the search algorithm.

Email marketing, on the other hand, is different. You have a whole bunch of people who have willingly given you their email address and signed up to receive emails from you. They share an affinity for your brand or business and have given you a direct line of communication to their inbox.

Sending emails to your subscribers by incorporating an isolated email marketing strategy isn’t enough. With so many tools available, why not integrate your email marketing with your broader digital marketing strategy? By optimizing your email marketing integration strategy, you can make the most of your relationship with every customer.

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Integrations are important and here’s why

According to research from Smart Insights, email campaigns deliver an average open rate of about 20 percent along with a click-through rate of 3.3 percent. Social media marketing has a long way to go with click-through rates of less than 1 percent most of the time.

However, a lot of your success depends on getting the basics of your email marketing strategy in place: the quality and depth of your email list. Tracking your email deliverability helps maintain that strategy, once it’s in place.

But why do businesses prefer email marketing? For one thing, 77 percent of people across all demographics prefer to hear from brands and organizations through email. It’s their favorite permission-based advertising, as opposed to other options like Facebook.

But you can’t keep your email marketing strategy separate from the rest of your digital marketing methods. You need to integrate it with everything else.

It’s almost like eating flour, eggs, oil, and sugar all at the same time – perfect ingredients for cake, but not actually cake! You need to put all the ingredients together in just the right way to get the results you want.

How Constant Contact helps you integrate

We love apps here at Constant Contact and just as your mobile apps help you organize and optimize your life, apps for Constant Contact do the same for your business.

They can help you do everything from syncing contacts between your customer relationship management system (CRM) and Constant Contact to adding a sign-up form on your blog, to helping you curate online content for your newsletter. With so many apps (200+!) spanning across so many categories, navigating the Constant Contact app ecosystem can be daunting. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

It’s no wonder that when we asked recently, 69 percent of respondents said they consider app integrations with Constant Contact to be important to their businesses. In fact, 76 percent of respondents said that they use integrations at least monthly and 47 percent use them at least weekly.

As a result, it’s safe to say that small businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on additional technology and software tools to develop and promote themselves.

To help you save time, here are some useful Constant Contact integrations:

Contact growth and lead generation

Integrating lead generation into your email marketing strategy is an excellent way to grow your contact lists. It’s imperative to utilize existing data to know all you can about your customers. You can even create different lead gen templates for different types of audiences.

By offering informational, relevant PDF files, checklists, eBooks, or guides, you can entice potential customers to exchange their email address for high-quality content.

(Video) Announcing Nutshell's @Constant Contact integration — email marketing in the world's friendliest CRM

Some of the popular Constant Contact lead gen integrations are:

1. Constant Contact for Facebook

Constant Contact’s official Facebook – Join My Mailing List app makes it easier to collect new contacts directly from your Facebook business page.

Overall benefits of Constant Contact’s Facebook Integration:

  • Collect email addresses through your Facebook page right into the mailing list you choose.
  • Transfer new subscribers’ contact details from new subscribers’ Facebook page into your Constant Contact account.
  • Customize the link by editing the introduction, call to action box, naming the link, and adding an image URL.

Learn how to set up your Facebook Join My Mailing List app

2. Constant Contact for Eventbrite

Combining the power of email marketing with you event marketing is a great way to drive registrations. Constant Contact’s integration with Eventbrite makes it easier than ever to manage and promote events. Easily add events to any email template, track registrations, send follow up emails, and import contacts.

Overall benefits:

  • Sync registrants of an event to send out reminders and follow-up emails.
  • Promote published Eventbrite events that automatically link to your event page.
  • Check who has responded to your event invitation and who hasn’t, as well as who has opened and engaged with your email.

Learn how to add an Eventbrite email into a Constant Contact email

3. Constant Contact for Shopify

The official Shopify integration from Constant Contact lets you connect your ecommerce store with your Constant Contact account, create customized email messages, insert products you want to feature into those emails, and connect with targeted customers or prospects in less time.

Overall benefits:

  • Automatically send a customized branded abandoned cart email to customers who left items in their cart, choose a time to send, and track resulting revenue.
  • Drag and drop products and discount coupons from your store into any email and customize the details.
  • Creates predefined lists, including best customers, recent customers, first-time customers, repeat customers, lapsed customers, and prospects so you can get the right message to the right audience.
  • Promote the goods and services available in a Shopify store through an email with the Shopify product block.
  • Check on your Shopify revenue right from your Constant Contact account.

Learn how to set up the Shopify integration with your Constant Contact account

4. Salesforce integration from Cazoomi

The more information you have on your customers to share with your email marketing platform, the more targeted communications you can send. Engage your prospects, clients, and partners in real-time, by directly integrating Constant Contact to Salesforce.

Overall benefits:

  • Save time managing your contact data by integrating Constant Contact with your CRM. No more double entry needed!
  • Sync all your contacts, leads or accounts (personal accounts too)
  • Create targeted, timely marketing campaigns by segmenting your contacts based on CRM custom field mapping such as the type of client, product interest, or stage of the sales cycle.
  • Leverage’s reporting and forecasting capabilities to drive business intelligence from your email marketing metrics.
  • Cloud-based so your team has access from anywhere.

5. Constant Contact forms for WordPress

The official Constant Contact plugin makes it fast and easy to capture visitor information right from your WordPress site. Whether you’re looking to collect email addresses, contact info, event sign-ups, or visitor feedback, you can customize your forms with data fields that work best for you.

Overall benefits:

  • Create forms that are clear, simple, and mobile-optimized for every device.
  • Choose forms that automatically select the theme and style of your WordPress site.
  • Customize data fields, so you can tailor the type of information you collect.
  • New email addresses are automatically added to the Constant Contact email lists of your choosing.

eCommerce integrations

If you run an online store, chances are most of your customer data is stored on your ecommerce platform. Make use of this valuable information by integrating it into your email marketing and drive more revenue.

Integrating your ecommerce platform with your email tool allows you to set up automatic emails that go out to your customers with a special offer or discount driving them to your business to make a purchase. These come in handy especially during the holiday period or when your customer is celebrating their birthday or anniversary.

Here are some of the most popular:


MINDBODY streamlines your day-to-day tasks through time-saving features like automated task management, online booking, payments, client relationship tools, staff scheduling, point of sale tools, and detailed reports.

Overall benefits of Constant Contact’s MINDBODY Integration:

  • Online Booking
  • Retention Tools
  • Point of Sale and eCommerce
  • Staff Management
  • Powerful Business Analytics

2. QuickBooks Online for Constant Contact integration – by Cazoomi

Engage your prospects, clients and partners in real-time with Constant Contact marketing automation connected to your QuickBooks Online Financials.

(Video) How to set-up the kvCORE and Constant Contact email marketing integration by API Nation

Overall benefits:

  • Save time managing your contact data by integrating Constant Contact with QuickBooks Online. No more double entry needed!
  • Seamless background syncing means your contacts are always up to date in Constant Contact.
  • Create targeted, timely marketing and sales campaigns by segmenting your contacts based on QuickBooks Online sales.
  • Leverage QuickBooks Online reporting and forecasting capabilities to drive business intelligence from your email marketing metrics.
  • Cloud-based so your team has access from anywhere.

3. 3DCart eCommerce integration

Seamlessly sync your 3DCart ecommerce store customers to your Constant Contact account. Engage your prospects, clients, and partners in real-time with 3DCart connected to your marketing.

Overall benefits:

  • Auto-create product marketing list segments of customers from 3DCart eCommerce.
  • UNLIMITED Contacts and customers synced!
  • Save time managing your customer data by integrating Constant Contact with 3DCart store.
  • Cloud-based so your team has access from anywhere.
  • Sync unsubscribed contacts from Constant Contact. If a contact is unsubscribed in Constant Contact, the contact is unsubscribed in 3DCart.

4. WooCommerce by Zapier

WooCommerce is built on WordPress and is entirely open source, which means you can modify and customize everything. From physical products, to digital downloads, plus subscriptions, content, and even appointments, you can sell anything with WooCommerce. Constant Contact customers can connect WooCommerce customers to Constant Contact using Zapier.

Overall benefits:

  • Publish great content and build a strong brand.
  • Use shortcodes to add your products to blog posts or create landing pages that go straight to checkout.
  • Customize WooCommerce with countless actions and filters at your fingertips, custom AJAX endpoints or webhooks.
  • Access to more than 400 official extensions: From payments and shipping to marketing and accounting.
  • Add as many products as you want to sell – your only restriction is your inventory.

5. Shopify eCommerce integration

SyncApps allows you to automatically sync critical customer data between Constant Contact and your Shopify eCommerce system.

Overall benefits:

  • Save time managing your contact data by integrating Constant Contact with your Shopify.
  • Sync UNLIMITED Contacts.
  • Create email marketing list segmentation of customers from Shopify ecommerce.
  • Target email campaigns based on item purchasing behavior.
  • Cloud-based so your team has access from anywhere.
  • Segment Shopify customers to Constant Contact lists based on who purchased a specific version of a product.
  • Only Shopify customers subscribed to email will be synced to Constant Contact.

Contact databases and CRM

With so many apps in our MarketPlace, chances are Constant Contact is integrated with the business tools you’re already using (CRM’s, donor management systems, ecommerce platforms).

Here are some popular business tools we offer:

Salesforce CRM – This free integration, built by our partner Cazoomi, allows you to sync contact data between Salesforce and Constant Contact.

Blackbaud eTapestry Donor Management – This integration allows you to sync data between eTapestry and Constant Contact, as well as view email campaign stats within eTapestry.

Constant Contact for Gmail – Constant Contact’s Google integration lets you import your Google contacts to Constant Contact and add them to an existing list or create a new one.

Constant Contact for Office 365 Constant Contact’s Office 365 integration lets you import your contacts to Constant Contact and add them to an existing list or create a new one.

MailMunch – Collecting emails from your website visitors is the most important aspect of internet marketing. MailMunch lets you create beautiful opt-in forms for your site without writing a single line of code.

Overall benefits:

  • Target specific pages and posts with relevant opt-in forms of all different types: popup, embedded, top bar, scroll box, or sidebar
  • All forms are responsive and mobile optimized
  • Choose a professionally designed template that works
  • Analytics and reports so you can find out which pages, posts or opt-in forms are bringing in the most conversions

Blogging and content management

One of the easiest ways to integrate your email marketing strategy with your website is through blog posts. It’s usually easy to incorporate different widgets and minimally intrusive pop-ups that encourage readers to sign up. The most important thing here is to develop a call-to-action that fits with your audience and brand voice.

Some of the popular integrations are:

1. Viewbix

Viewbix offers a simple to use Constant Contact join my mailing list form that integrates into any video. Simply add the app and link to your Constant Contact account. Then people can sign up directly from your video player.

Overall benefits:

  • Grow your contact list.
  • Engage viewers with a call to action.
  • Enhance and enrich your promotional videos.

2. Digioh

Digioh makes it easy to send file attachments out to your Constant Contact subscribers. Are you planning an event and need to send a schedule or calendar to everyone? Or maybe you have a special PDF report, whitepaper, or coupon to send your customers to get them more interested in your business? Now you can do this using Digioh’s custom integration with Constant Contact.

(Video) How to Use Constant Contact's Social Media Management Tools [Hootsuite Alternative]

Overall benefits:

  • Send file attachments in your newsletter.
  • Track downloads by a subscriber.
  • Securely send your file and control who has access.
  • Grow your list with automatic lead capturing.
  • Sync captured leads with your email list.


Shareist helps you easily discover and capture content ideas, to then add into an email. Build a newsletter, save it, and then send it to any list in your connected Constant Contact account.

Overall benefits:

  • Create projects for clients, websites, or topics.
  • Curate content and capture ideas into your project’s content inbox.
  • Share content to social media channels, get feedback on the best content through engagement measurement.
  • Create a newsletter and quickly include the best-curated or original content.
  • Connect and publish directly to Constant Contact mail lists, or other platforms, directly from within Shareist.

4. Privy

Not a coder? No problem! Privy’s free suite of email capture tools, including website popups and banners, enables you to grow your email subscriber list from your website, online store, social media channels, and more.

Privy’s integration with Constant Contact lets you capture and automatically sync new contacts with specific lists based on the campaign a visitor participated in. Send customizable autoresponders from Constant Contact or Privy whenever someone signs up.

Overall benefits:

  • Use advanced targeting to display campaigns based on exit, cart abandonment, cart value, scroll, timer, geography, device type, page, number of visits, referral site, language, and more.
  • Choose from hundreds of templates, or create your own pop ups, spin to win wheels, banners, flyouts, scroll boxes, announcement bars, and embedded forms for email collection.
  • Create and distribute single use, or bulk coupon codes for both Shopify and BigCommerce. These can be shown in your display ads and sync automatically to your store.
  • Run automated A/B split tests to understand how small changes impact conversion rates.
  • Track coupon code redemption for Shopify and BigCommerce discounts.

5. Interact

With Interact’s lead-generating quizzes, create beautiful quizzes that generate leads and grow your Constant Contact email list with an easy three-step process:

  1. Design your quiz: Interact quizzes are custom-branded, and custom designed to fit your business.
  2. Connect your Constant Contact list. Sign in and select the list you want.
  3. Share on Facebook, Twitter, and all other social channels, as well as embed in your website.

Social media

You have plenty of options for integrating social media into your email marketing strategy. One easy way is to include social share buttons at the bottom of your email campaigns. Research shows that emails with social share buttons deliver a 158 percent higher click-through rate.

Some of the popular integrations are:

1. Constant Contact App for HootSuite

HootSuite helps organizations use the social web to launch marketing campaigns, identify and grow audience, and distribute targeted messages across multiple channels. Enable the Constant Contact App in the HootSuite App Directory, and start monitoring your latest email campaigns right from your dashboard. View the shares, opens, and clicks of your campaigns, plus, you can share emails to any of your social channels.

2. Perkville

Perkville is a leading retention and referral solution for the health, fitness, salon, spa, and retail industries. Perkville allows you to export of your Perkville customer list to upload into an existing or new mailing list in Constant Contact for a fast, easy way to communicate with your loyal customers.

Overall benefits:

  • Grow your email list.
  • Increase customer loyalty.
  • Generate more referrals.
  • Increase Facebook and Twitter buzz.
  • Integrates with Constant Contact.


FanCONNECT helps build targeted customer lists, instantly sends offers to your customers, and tracks sales and redemptions. FanCONNECT works with Facebook to help you grow a customer list on the fly. When your fans complete your Fan Club enrollment, they instantly receive an offer and come to your business ready to buy.

Overall benefits:

  • Build a customer list on the fly.
  • Instantly send coupon offers to your customers.
  • Connect with your customers.
  • Collect email addresses and push them to your Constant Contact account.
  • Boost sales.

4. Act! Essentials by Zapier

Act! Essentials marries the best of contact management with the best of email marketing to help you stay organized, convert new prospects, and get more from existing customers. Designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs, Act! Essentials gives you organized access to key customer details and marketing, making it easy to grow your business.

Bring your business into focus with intelligent, prioritized recommendations based on your engagement with customers and prospects. Constant Contact customers can connect Act! Essentials to Constant Contact using Zapier.


QWIQQ is the fastest, easiest way for you to measure your social ROI by selling products and services, socially! Create a QWIQQ post, enable PayPal, and your post is now for sale on QWIQQ and any network you share to including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Foursquare, SMS, Email and Constant Contact.

Overall benefits:

  • Just snap a photo, write a quick note, and enter the price. Posting what you want to sell on QWIQQ is easy.
  • Your customers are on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Foursquare, SMS, Email, and Constant Contact. Instantly share a post that lets your customers buy from wherever you engage them.
  • Integrating PayPal in seconds turns powerful social networks into powerful selling networks.
  • QWIQQ works worldwide and supports 19 currencies.
  • QWIQQ is your mobile optimized website.

Mobile Integrations

A whopping 58 percent of marketers surveyed admitted they don’t design emails to render correctly across different mobile devices. This is a huge problem when you consider that almost 50 percent of emails are opened on a smartphone or tablet, and nearly 70 percent of mobile users delete an email if it doesn’t render properly.

You can integrate your email marketing strategy with SMS push notifications or encourage readers to sign up for your WhatsApp or Telegram Channels. All these methods also encourage direct communication with your audience, without the stress of an intruding algorithm.

(Video) Constant Contact Salesforce Integration - Create Contacts for New Salesforce Leads

Some popular mobile integrations are:

1. Constant Contact for iOS

The all-new mobile app brings the full power of the Constant Contact desktop experience to your smartphone or tablet. From adding contacts, to creating mobile-responsive emails, you get all the tools you need to manage your email campaigns whenever you’re on the go.

Overall benefits:

  • Stay connected with spontaneous and mobile responsive on-the-go campaigns.
  • Grow your list with mobile contact management.
  • Know what worked with campaign reporting statistics.

2. Landing Pages by Leadpages

LeadPages easily integrates with Constant Contact. With a few clicks, you can connect your Constant Contact account with any landing page and start building your list immediately. Plus, LeadPages design each landing page to give you the highest conversion, the fastest loading time, and the best results for your business.

Overall benefits:

  • LeadPages has an “unlimited policy.” You can create an unlimited number of landing pages. You can drive an unlimited amount of traffic. You can also publish your landing pages on an unlimited number of domains.
  • LeadPages gives you more than just landing pages. They have a lead-gen tool known as “LeadBoxes” that allows you to grow your email list from any site.
  • LeadPages and LeadBoxes work on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices effortlessly, so you never have to worry that your potential customers can’t see your landing pages.
  • LeadPages have created one of the most user-friendly split testing tools in the industry. As a pro LeadPages member, you can run an unlimited number of split tests on your landing pages and LeadBoxes right inside LeadPages.
  • With their “digital asset delivery system,” LeadPages instantly send new subscribers your lead magnets or “opt-in bribes” when they opt-in for your email list.

3. Constant Contact’s List Builder for iOS and Android

Eliminate the inefficient pen and notepad collection of email signups. Constant Contact’s List Builder lets you collect new subscribers with ease and style, even without an internet connection.

Overall benefits:

  • When a new subscriber signs up with List Builder, they are added to your Constant Contact mailing list. Not connected to the internet? List Builder retains offline entries and syncs them the next time you connect, automatically.
  • Your new tablet signup form fits right in on the counter at your store, can be displayed at your next event, or even tucked under your arm.
  • Select a preset form or set just the fields you need. Insert your logo, add a greeting or promotion message, and even initiate a new sign-up list, all from the List Builder app.

4. iCapture Free for iPad

Use the iPad to capture names, emails and even preferences from customers and add them to your Constant Contact account automatically. iCapture can support up to 1,000 iPads and help you create the custom look you need.

Overall benefits:

  • Grab attention and build your lists faster.
  • Be unique! An iPad instantly makes a statement to your customers.
  • Quickly customize iCapture to your brand
  • Secure your future with a larger email list!
  • Capture names/emails free, with available upgrade options.

5. TapAnalytics

TapAnalytics consolidates all your digital marketing analytics into a unified digital dashboard. It can be tailored to your needs and comes with both training and customer support.

Overall benefits:

  • Automates monthly reporting across platforms.
  • Scalable for small or large organizations across all customers and allows for detailed permission sets.
  • Customizable widgets and dashboards for internal and external analytics.
  • Data importer for other data outside of integrated platforms.

Looking for more tools to manage and grow your email marketing efforts?

These are just some of our top integrations. Our Apps and Integrations page has a full listing of our integrations — including integrations with Outlook, WordPress, Zapier, and more.

Search by business need to discover integrations that can work for you.

Visit our market place page for a full list of tools that integrate with Constant Contact.

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How does Constant Contact integrate? ›

Here's how to get started:
  1. Log into WordPress and open the Dashboard.
  2. Click Plugins > Add New. ...
  3. Search for "Constant Contact."
  4. On the Constant Contact Forms option, click Install Now.
  5. Click Activate.
  6. Click Connect your account and enter your Constant Contact login information.
15 Aug 2022

What is the difference between Mailchimp and Constant Contact? ›

Re-engagement emails: Mailchimp offers Customer Re-engagement Emails, while Constant Contact allows you to identify and target unengaged contacts with segmentation.

Does Constant Contact have a Salesforce integration? ›

You can use the Constant Contact Salesforce integration to: Connect all of your Constant Contact data to your Salesforce CRM account and further sync your existing Salesforce leads and contacts to new campaigns. Update Salesforce contacts and leads with Constant Contact campaign history/activity on a regular basis.

Does Constant Contact work with Gmail? ›

Constant Contact + Gmail Integrations

Zapier lets you send info between Constant Contact and Gmail automatically—no code required. Triggers when a new contact is added to your account.

Can you use Constant Contact as a CRM? ›

But let's be clear: Constant Contact is not a CRM system. A CRM system is a shared database. It is where you keep information about everyone that touches your business.

Does Constant Contact integrate with Outlook? ›

Send automated emails, organize your inbox and search through conversations in Microsoft Outlook. Gather leads, trigger automated emails and put your email marketing on autopilot in Constant Contact. Do much more by connecting Constant Contact and Microsoft Outlook.

What is cheaper Constant Contact or Mailchimp? ›

However, in terms of value per dollar, Mailchimp does come out the winner. Its plans are far more scalable, and you get more features for a lower monthly cost. For example, you'll pay $34 per month for the Essentials plan with up to 2,500 contacts. Constant Contact's (roughly) equivalent plan is $45 per month.

Is HubSpot like Constant Contact? ›

Constant Contact has a limited autoresponder, whereas HubSpot is a complete solution. Constant Contact focuses on what they do instead of holding events, whereas HubSpot is well-known and holds events. Constant Contact does have a refund policy, whereas HubSpot does not offer refunds.

Can MailChimp integrate with Salesforce? ›

The MailChimp and Salesforce integration allows you to start creating email campaigns from the leads and contacts in your Salesforce CRM. With the integration, it's fairly easy to create list segmentations in MailChimp with synchronized Salesforce lead and contact records.

What data does Constant Contact collect? ›

Today, consumers expect personalized, relevant content. That means to be effective, you have to send the right content to the right people at the right time.
  • Company name.
  • Company size.
  • Industry.
  • Estimated budget.
  • Job title.
  • Seniority.
  • How they heard about you.
11 Mar 2021

How do I link Constant Contact to Facebook? ›

Connect your Facebook accounts
  1. Click Social.
  2. Click Connect Social Accounts. ...
  3. Select Facebook.
  4. Sign into your Facebook account to sync your pages and allow Constant Contact permission to integrate with your account to create public-facing posts and import engagement activity from your connected pages.
27 Sept 2022

Does Monday com integrate with Constant Contact? ›

Constant Contact + Integrations

Zapier lets you send info between Constant Contact and automatically—no code required. Triggers when a new contact is added to your account.

Does constant contact use AWS? ›

Moving from private to public. The next major initiative for Constant Contact is to migrate its applications from its private OpenStack-based cloud to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud.

What type of software is constant contact? ›

Digital and Email Marketing Platform. Constant Contact.

Is mailchimp a CRM? ›

Is Mailchimp a CRM? Mailchimp offers all the CRM tools small business marketers need, allowing them to aggregate, organize, and manage audience data in one place. In fact, many Mailchimp customers already use the platform as their CRM.

Does Monday com integrate with Constant Contact? ›

Constant Contact + Integrations

Zapier lets you send info between Constant Contact and automatically—no code required. Triggers when a new contact is added to your account.

What data does Constant Contact collect? ›

Today, consumers expect personalized, relevant content. That means to be effective, you have to send the right content to the right people at the right time.
  • Company name.
  • Company size.
  • Industry.
  • Estimated budget.
  • Job title.
  • Seniority.
  • How they heard about you.
11 Mar 2021

Does squarespace integrate with Constant Contact? ›

Squarespace + Constant Contact Integrations

Zapier lets you send info between Squarespace and Constant Contact automatically—no code required. Triggers when form submission is submitted. automatically do this! Creates a contact on a specific list in your account.

How do I link Constant Contact to Facebook? ›

Connect your Facebook accounts
  1. Click Social.
  2. Click Connect Social Accounts. ...
  3. Select Facebook.
  4. Sign into your Facebook account to sync your pages and allow Constant Contact permission to integrate with your account to create public-facing posts and import engagement activity from your connected pages.
27 Sept 2022


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